Elsa – the St. Bernard

Ok, I thought I was done with Elsa stories, but she obviously likes my writing little stories about her. Last weekend Gryphon and I noticed that Elsa was drooling a little bit. Mama noticed too, but she thought it was that Elsa was sleeping so hard she drooled a little bit on the pillow she was laying on. Well, that … Read More

The Puppy in the Mirror

We are having a bit of an issue with Elsa because she keeps wanting to bark at the puppy in the mirror. While we are playing on Mama and Papa’s bed, she’ll catch sight of the puppy out of the corner of her eye and then she becomes obsessed. She runs to the edge of the bed and stares into … Read More

Music soothes the Savage Beast – AKA – Elsa, the Music Snob

Elsa is a little trying when traveling in the car. She tends to get nervous and barks because she thinks that someone should be comforting her through the entire trip. Well, a couple weekends ago, we took a trip to GrandMuttMaw and GrandPupPaw’s house to visit crazy Daisy and she was yipping on the way there. Trust me, she has … Read More

Elsa the Shar Pei Puppy

As I promised in my previous post, there are some Elsa stories just waiting to be told. This story starts with Elsa getting her operation so that Mama and Papa could register her and get her license. Well, apparently Mama thought Elsa already had her rabies, but she didn’t, so she had to go back to the vet to get … Read More


I don’t believe it! It has been over a month since I could even put a paw on the laptop, let alone have a couple minutes to post a blog. Right now, the only reason I have a few minutes is that my Mama is out in the kitchen fixing some tea. It has been terrible. I haven’t been able … Read More

What Can be Cuter than Your Dog’s Face?

The other night, I was amazed as I watched my Mama bring up a site which she was led to by visiting one of the message boards that she frequents. This site was a contest for the cutest dog’s face and my picture was not entered. The criteria for entry was that the dog in question (moi) live in the … Read More

Sharing Chews – 3 Makes a Difference

This will be short one as it is late and my Mama is wanting to shut down and make herself a cup of tea. Doesn’t she think I can shut down a computer by myself? I mean after all, I can certainly push these buttons. Tonight’s topic is sharing chews. I don’t chew often, because if chew is fresh, it … Read More

Being Without Power

I have a story to tell you of something that happened in the Griffie household a couple of weeks ago. I was going to blog about it before, but then Ike hit Texas and caused so much devastation, that I didn’t want to post my small little complaints – or you might think I’m a whiner. The bottom line is … Read More

The Poop Review

My next foray into the world of reviewing dog websites took me to The Poop – “the site where a dog can have its day.” First of all, you have to like a website that calls itself The Poop. I happen to love double entendres. This site has a lot to recommend it, store, blog, pet adoption, recipes and more. … Read More

Another Fun Weekend

Sorry for being away so long. We had a full weekend and I was just too tired to get to posting anything. I am working on my next website review, so watch this space for news of the next site to catch my attention. On Saturday, we went over to GrandMuttMaw and GrandPupPaw’s house and spent time with crazy Daisy … Read More

Gourmet Sleuth Dog Treats Review

Here is my very first review of the sites that I run across when searching for dog treats. First of all, I should give my method for searching. It is actually quite simple. I open up a browser window (ok – all of you in the peanut gallery, I said BROWSER, not BOWSER) and in the Google search widget, type … Read More

Another Holiday to Celebrate

Labor Day is upon us and I just thought I’d let you know how we celebrated today. We went to visit GrandMuttMa and GrandPupPaw and that crazy Daisy. We had a pretty good time. Daisy was even crazier this time for some reason than she was last time. But, after Mama helped GrandMuttMa to learn how to access her library … Read More