Pineapple & Poop

Today’s topic is a little disgusting. It is about coprophagia (thanks to Gryphon for helping me look that one up) which means to eat feces. This is apparently a common thing among puppies, although I simply can’t believe that I even thought about doing something so disgusting. Well, it is a topic in our household, because Elsa occasionally partakes. Now … Read More

Writing Break

Tonight I took a little break from writing to assist my in-laws with the installation of their DSL line. I have finally brought them into the technological age. It took a little longer than it should have. . . ok – a lot longer than it should have, as the phone company canceled their account, but installed the line and … Read More

Technical Trials & Tribulations

Well, today we spent a lot of time over at GrandMuttMa and GrandPupPa’s house. They just had a DSL line installed and my Mama was installing the modem and software so that they could get up to speed online. What should have been an easy half hour installation, turned out to be all afternoon and evening. The phone company messed … Read More

Dancing a Jig

I am so jazzed to have completed the posting of the 17 articles that I have written (so far) that are geared for Young Writers. I wanted to get that off my plate before really getting into the purpose of this blog which is to talk about writing, the writing process, my novels, articles, etc. Reformatting them for the blog … Read More