Kindle Giveaway or $229 Gift Card

Thanks to Inspired Kathy over at I Am a Reader for hosting this giveaway.   Twitter/Facebook Blast $229 Giveaway A fabulous group of bloggers & authors have joined together to offer you 1 fabulous prize valued at $229. The winner of this giveaway will receive their choice of a $229 Amazon Gift Card or $229 Paypal Cash!   For all … Read More

Diary of a Misfit – Tim’s Shiner

When her best friend Tim shows up on her doorstep with a black eye, Katie McCabe teases him for being a klutz, until she learns the horrifying truth.

Supa Christmas Sale

With the stress of the holidays nearly over, now is a great time to sit back, curl up in your favorite reading chair, and get lost in fabulous new worlds. To help you do just that, some authors have banded together and put all their titles on sale, right NOW!! Some of this season’s most popular e-books have been discounted to just $0.99!!! Don’t miss out!

Tattered Free for Kindle

****Drumroll Please**** I’m very pleased to announce that Tattered, the third book in the award-winning Misfit McCabe series, will be free through for Kindle Thursday, August 23rd and Friday, August 24th. So pick up your copy and enjoy the read. And once you’ve finished it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Winners of the Tattered Blog Tour

I had a blast on the Tattered tour, and I think those who made it through all of the stops had a great time too. But now it has come to an end. After the holidays, I’m going to come up with some more promotional things to help get the word out about Tattered, but until then, I hope you visit all the stops, even though the prizes are gone and learn more about Katie McCabe and other characters in Tattered!!

Tattered Blog Tour

The time has FINALLY come for me to get Tattered off my hard drive and send it on its way into the world. I am very excited about this for a few reasons. One — I don’t care what book it is, DONE is a beautiful word.

Celebrate with Linda Welch

It is nice to be able to celebrate the good news of a friend, and I am very happy to say that we have reason to celebrate. The landscape of publishing is changing, in particular with the advent of the ebook, and self-publishing is increasingly becoming a viable option, and one which is beginning to grow legs as a door opener for other opportunities, as Boyd Morrison proved with his book The Ark, as was discussed in previous post Who Needs a Publisher Anyway?

The Arrival of K2

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment I couldn’t miss, so I left my husband on the front porch with a book to wait for the UPS delivery truck. Before you think I’m unjustifiably cruel, let me tell you about the UPS deliveries in our neighborhood.

Waiting on Kindle

The day has finally come. The one I’ve been waiting for. I am so excited it feels like Christmas. My Kindle 2 arrives today!