Middle of e-Book Week

I can’t believe that Read an E-book week is half way over. This week is just flying by. Before you know it, the weekend will be over and it will be time to face one more Monday morning. The site sponsoring e-book week has a nice article posted by David Lieberman about the Future of E-Books so you might want … Read More

E-Book Week

March 8th signals the start of e-book week. Why is this so important? Well, as technology advances more and more devices are popping up to enable us to read a variety of material outside of the traditional confines of a printed book. While I was preparing my young adult offering, Misfit McCabe, for publication, Amazon.com was introducing the Kindle. I … Read More

Message from a Reader

It is so nice to get a message from a reader who enjoyed your writing, especially when you weren’t expecting it. As a writer, you spend so much time writing the book, and all of your tender care has gone into the writing itself, and then things like picking a cover and trying to drum up some attention for it. … Read More

Death of the Book – Not Yet

Being an author, I love books, although it seems somewhat axiomatic to say so. I enjoy holding them in my hands, turning the pages and diving into the world that the writer has created for us. That being said, with the advent of e-book readers the world of books as we know it is changing. There may, one day, be … Read More

Reviewing the Lulu Way

I have a new activity that will be occupying part of my time, which is writing book reviews for the Lulu Book Review.  I always enjoy reading and this will give me an opportunity to read more and different types of work.  Another good thing is that I will be helping to promote self-published writing and will be able to give encouragement to my fellow authors.

Aimless Weekend

Well, I tried to buckle down today, but for some reason could not focus on any one thing. I dabbled in several things, but didn’t complete any one thing. Oh well, such is the lot of the writer’s life. Some days just don’t work out the way we’d like them to. I had my press release all figured out, but … Read More


Interesting happening today (well to me anyway). Last night I wrote and posted an article on Author’s Den about the Lulu Book Review site. The intent of the article was to make the author’s at Author’s Den aware of the site. When you are a POD (print on demand) author, it is sometimes difficult to get a review for your work. I was very pleased to find this site, especially since it looks so well put together and already a lot of information is appearing on it for such a new site.