Hanging Around

Sergio is on a quest to calm Luna down about his ability to climb trees. For the past couple days they’ve been hanging from the porch rail to give Luna a chance to get used to clinging to a wooden object. Today Sergio decided he should show Luna how safe it was for him to cling to the tree just … Read More

First Steps

Luna started having meltdowns and I was clueless as to what the problem was until Sergio helped out. Apparently she has developed a fear that because Sergio can climb trees and she’s afraid of heights that she won’t be able to go on any adventures with him. As usual when it comes to Luna, it is Sergio to the rescue. … Read More

The Aftermath

My Status: Headache-y
Mood: Cranky
Today what my body has been through in the last week caught up with me. Tired, headache I can’t seem to get rid of, and I’m retaining water like a camel.

Chemo Cycle 1, Day 1

My Status: Overall good day.
Mood: Cheerful
Today started off after an unusual, but completely welcomed, good night sleep—only to be followed by the first bump in the journey. I’ll talk about the bump after the chemo update, but suffice it to say that it rocked me harder than I expected.