The Great Sucking Monster

All you dogs out there – this is directed to you. How many of you hate that great sucking monster that roars through the house on a periodic basis. I know the Gryphon, Elsa and I do. There we are sitting comfortably on a lap or pillow and this thing comes out of the closet and wreaks havoc in our world.

First of all, the NOISE!!! It is incredibly loud to our sensitive ears. You’d think the two-legged geniuses who thought that contraption up would have learned how to deaden the sound. I know they have gotten quiter in recent years, but really it is a thing of degrees. When you have hearing that is as sensitive as ours, above the buzzing of a gnat, things are getting in the realm of noisy and the level above the sound of food being poured into our dish is obnoxious.

Then there is the fact that it whirs back and forth across the floor so that if you happen to be taking a stroll through the house you have to jump out of the way. It also tends to suck up those chews that you have so carefully hidden so that they can be saved for a later time. (Of course with our Elsa, there isn’t a hope of their staying hidden now – she’s a chew burglar.)

I follow behind Mama and when I get the chance, I nip around her legs and bite the corner of it and then hide back behind Mama so it doesn’t know it was me. So far, that tactic has not produced very good results, but I’m hopefully that I can seriously wound it one day. So, if anyone has found a way to kill this monster, please drop me a line. Until then, Paws Up!

Copyright 2008 © Phoenix with a helping paw from Gryphon

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