Elsa – the St. Bernard

Ok, I thought I was done with Elsa stories, but she obviously likes my writing little stories about her. Last weekend Gryphon and I noticed that Elsa was drooling a little bit. Mama noticed too, but she thought it was that Elsa was sleeping so hard she drooled a little bit on the pillow she was laying on. Well, that was only the beginning. The drooling got worse, but Papa didn’t notice it because he was busy working. Mama noticed some wet spots when she came home, but Papa thought he must have spilled some water – even though he didn’t have the water anywhere near the wet spots!

That night as we went to bed, Elsa curled up next to Mama and Gryphon and I wanted to stay dry, so we snuggled against Papa. About 11:00 Mama realized that the bed was wet and she uncovered Elsa to take a look. Elsa was lying in a pool of drool (yuck). Her ruff was soaked, her tail was soaked, in fact the tail was so wet, it could be rung out. Mama didn’t like seeing the drool pouring out of the corners of Elsa’s mouth.

She woke Papa up, which took a few minutes because he tries to pretend that he can’t hear anything so he doesn’t have to get up. Then grabbed the laptop to look up what could possibly be wrong with Elsa. It turns out, according to the internet, the most common cause of excessive drooling in dogs, other than being a St. Bernard, is that something, like a stick, is caught in the mouth. With Elsa that could be a distinct possibility, because she does like to pick up sticks and carry them around outside. I choose not to pick up anything nasty like that off the ground.

Mama checked her mouth out, but didn’t find anything, so it was time for the usual call to the vet to see what he had to say. Unfortunately, our vet had his phone on the message machine (something that occurs only a few times a year), so all patients were being referred to the Emergency Animal Hospital, and so Elsa’s first midnight vet run began.

While Mitzi was alive, midnight runs to the vet were not uncommon as she had heart problems in her later years, and Mama said she thought they were done with those for awhile. But, the kid was sick, so something had to be done. The vet couldn’t find anything in her mouth either and recommended a course of antibiotics, nausea medicine and allergy medicine, in addition to an IV to replace the fluids. Plus, he wanted to keep her overnight for observation, give her some X-rays and do some blood work.

Fortunately, Papa decided that Elsa was better off coming home to us, because Gryphon and I would have missed her. The next morning it was off to the vet again to see our regular vet. Elsa was diagnosed with an infection of the salivary glands which was causing the excessive drooling. He put her on a course of antibiotics, and she is now much, much better.

What a confused pup she is . . .first trying to be a Shar Pei, and now a St. Bernard. ‘Til next time, Paws Up!

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