Music soothes the Savage Beast – AKA – Elsa, the Music Snob

Elsa is a little trying when traveling in the car. She tends to get nervous and barks because she thinks that someone should be comforting her through the entire trip. Well, a couple weekends ago, we took a trip to GrandMuttMaw and GrandPupPaw’s house to visit crazy Daisy and she was yipping on the way there. Trust me, she has a piercing yip that can shatter an eardrum. So, Papa put his hand back with us (Gryphon, Elsa, and I get to share the back seat) and kept stroking her, so she piped down and was pretty quiet the rest of the way.

Now, it isn’t a long trip, only about 30 miles, so I think Elsa should be able to travel that far without requiring that type of attention, but I guess she’s still a little young yet. Gryphon and I are pros at travel, although I will say my favorite vehicle to travel in is the van because we have a big picture window to look out of. It’s nice to be able to see where we are going.

By the time we left, it was night time and therefore dark. Elsa lasted to the freeway onramp before she started barking. A distance of approximately 3 blocks. Papa tried to comfort her just like he did on the way out, but she wasn’t having any of it. Mama tried talking to her, but Elsa was too scared of the dark to listen. Even when Mama turned the overhead light on Elsa wasn’t happy, and therefore no one could be happy. Gryphon and I always like to take a little nap on the return trip because we’re tired from running around in the back yard, but with all of the yipping going on it was impossible.

Papa jokingly said, “Maybe she doesn’t like country music.” and Mama immediately started searching for the classical music station. Papa took over the station search since Mama was driving and the second that Papa locked in the station it was like someone flipped a switch. Elsa stopped barking practically mid bark.

She sat back down and started listening to the music, her ears tuning to get the best sound. Her body relaxed and she folded her paws (she gets that from me). She didn’t bark once for the remainder of the journey – a record for her.

Mama and Papa thought the whole thing was incredibly funny because she calmed down so quickly, they turned the light off and Papa didn’t even have to put his hand back with us to calm her down. She didn’t make a peep the rest of the way home and only started to whimper once we turned in our driveway.

We now have a station programmed into the radio which has been dubbed the Emergency Elsa station. I enjoyed the music too but Elsa seemed to be enthralled by it. For all you music lovers out there – Paws Up!

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