Surprise Turn of Events

Every once in awhile, life surprises you in a pleasant sort of way. Today I received the BookBuzzr newsletter and was surprised and delighted to see Misfit McCabe was one of the books listed under the top views for the month of August. One of my fellow reviewers for the LL Book Review, Dan Marvin was also mentioned in the top ten for August, for his book Briefs for the Reading Room. Dan made the July list as well, so this may be old hat for him, but I was very pleased. Dan is in the top 10 for full mode views with 228, and Misfit McCabe was fourth for widget mode views at 4,693 on the month. I’ve outlined Dan’s and my books in purple in the picture which is on the home page of the BookBuzzr site now.


As a result, instead of working on the reformatting of Misfit McCabe for distribution in e-book format to Barnes & Noble, I’ve been cheerfully avoiding the task by working on the creation of an email signature which uses the book widget, and telling everyone how pleased I am. Oh well, tomorrow is another night. By the way, the below is the email signature. Pretty cool, huh?

LK Griffie – Author of Misfit McCabe
Pearson Prize Teen Choice Award Winner
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