Riding the Rail

slidingThese days I never know what Sergio is going to get up to. Imagine my surprise when I hear him yelling, “Wheeeee!” and I hurry out on the landing to find him sliding down the banister in slow motion, as only a pygmy three-toed sloth can, while Luna anxiously rocked on the landing waiting for him to arrive.

Once he jumped off the stair rail, he gave her a huge hug and hurried back up the steps to do it again. When he reached the top, he gave me a big, goofy grin and told me he was teaching Luna how to slide so she won’t be afraid of tree branches. Then he whispered that he was going slow so as not to frighten her.

I guess this is the next step in his plan to teach her to climb a tree with him. From the look on Luna’s face, I don’t have to worry about her sliding down the banister any time soon. 😛

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