Who’s the Boss

Believe it or not, I am starting my own blog. Mainly because I have a lot of opinions that I think everyone should know. Topic of the day? The fallacy of the relationship between man and dog. Historically speaking, man has always considered himself the master of his pets. When referring to a pet’s owner, we often hear something like “Phoenix’s master, Denny” (my Papa by the way).

I’d like to take this opportunity to say “BUNK”. In my mind, I refer to my Mama and Papa as my servants. Before all you two-legged critters start howling “uppity”, hear me out. When my dog dish is empty, do I even have to raise a paw to have it filled? No, I have two people who are supposed to notice the absence of food or water and automatically refill them. When I take exercise, I always have a body-guard attendant with me at all times. Even if all I have to do is take a poop, I have someone to cater to my every need. All I have to do is show them my appreciation so they continue to server me diligently on a daily basis.

Now, are you still so sure that man is the master, or have you come around to my way of thinking that I am indeed royalty and receive catering to my every whim? I know, some of you are thinking, but what about those dogs who do work for a living? I propose that they work because they want to and their people only assist them in getting the job done.

All for now. Paws up!

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