A Dog’s Life

Okay. Everyone has heard the phrase “A dog’s life” and it is used like it is supposed to be a bad thing. I’m here to tell you that a dog’s life can be pretty sweet. Take this morning for instance, everyone was sleeping nicely and all of a sudden this great whopping buzzer starts ringing. Both Mama and Papa start groaning and slooowwly moving to get the day started. Gryphon and I poked our heads out from underneath the covers, saw that it was still dark out and put our heads back down to continue our very good sleep.

There was that slightly uncomfortable moment when Papa insisted that we go outside to “take care of business”. But then, it was back inside for our short commute from the bedroom to the den, where we keep our nice comfortable cage. We snuggled down in the fleece and Papa and Mama left for the grind of the work day and driving in the rain.

Gryphon and I heard the rain coming down, and I must admit we both snickered behind our paws that all of the adult two legged creatures have to go out in the bad weather to their job, still tired from their self-imposed time change while we had to get on with our early morning nap, to be followed by our mid-morning drowse, not to mention the stretch & shift routine in the afternoon, just prior to our afternoon slumber.

Now. . .That’s a dog’s life! Paws Up!

Copyright © Phoenix with a helping paw from Gryphon

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