Paw’s Up

Several have asked about my sign off of “Paws Up!” and what it means. For me this is a phrase that has several meanings (as all good catch phrases should have). The first and foremost, and probably the one most will think of, is the dog-version of “thumb’s up”. Okay, it can be the cat version too, so all you cats out there can stop swishing your tail and settle down. So the meaning is great job, fantastic day, way to go, ready for take off and all of that good stuff.

For me, the phrase has more meanings than just the similarity to “thumb’s up”. From the time I was a small puppy, who didn’t even know what her paws were for, whenever I was confronted with something that made me think, I pulled one of my paw’s up in the air. Why I did it as a puppy? Who knows? Why do I still use the same gesture? Simple. I get what I want. For instance, if I want a treat, I get in front of my Papa, wag my tail, smile and then sit down and put up my paw. He knows that I’m asking for a treat every time. (And since he is such a soft touch, I always get it too).

I also like to dance, so I stand on my hind legs, put my paws up in the air and sway with the music. Just imagine me dancing & skipping down the street to “Put Your Hands Up!” Then there is also putting your paws up when its time to take a nap. And whenever I’m unsure about something and the alert “Danger, Will Rogers” is sounding in my head, I put my paw up in case I need to make a quick get-a-way. Readiness is the key.

So. . . with all of that being said. . . Paws Up! (who knows, you just might get a treat!)

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