Long Hiatus

Well friends, it’s been a long time. I’m sorry for the long delay, but it’s been difficult getting some quality computer time. Why the long delay? Well, my Papa retired from the Coast Guard and was occasionally freelancing, but otherwise out of work, and I had the job of sitting on his lap and comforting him during the job search. Then, once he was once again gainfully employed, my Mama has been going through some health issues and had some surgeries, so I had to sit next to her in the bed to make sure she was healing properly. A good dog’s comfort work is never done.

Plus, while she was home from work, she had the laptop available, but used it for work purposes, so how boring is that? And the really terrible thing is that I couldn’t get a paw on it. (Right now, I’m sneaking on while my Mama is taking a bath – hee-hee)

We’ve had a few exciting things happening in the interim ~ Gryphon and I have a new puppy. Elsa came to us in late May and we have been working hard to get her properly trained. It really helps having a puppy around for getting extra treats. At first that was all she was good for. I really didn’t think much of the idea of getting a puppy. I mean, really, Gryphon and I have things pretty good and I didn’t want to have another pup butting in.

It has made things a little more cumbersome, like, Papa only has two legs, and now there are three dogs, so someone is without a leg to lie upon while he watches TV. I like to curl up next to my Mama when we are going to sleep, but Elsa keeps trying to take my spot. But things are getting better now that Elsa realizes that I am the princess of the household and a force to be reckoned with.

Another big event is that my Mama published her first novel (another reason why I have had so little computer time ~ she’s been hogging it). You can check out the detail at her website Griffie World. I am very proud of her, she has done a good job. Yes, I have read it, and helped to edit it by pointing out some mistakes. The book is titled Misfit McCabe, and is in the Young Adult category. It has some pretty exciting moments in it, you should check it out.

All for now, ’cause Mama is coming.

Paws Up!!

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