Pillow Talk

Today’s topic is pillows. Now you might think that a pillow is designed to rest your head on. Wrong! Pillows are for dogs to lie on. Now I don’t know about big dogs, but I can tell you from the perspective of the petite pup, that the quality of the pillow matters. I myself like a nice, soft pillow that I can nestle my body down into, with a soft covering (yes – I prefer a pillow case).

Gryphon likes her pillows nice and thick, so that she has to climb up to get on top. She puts her head (and most of her body) right next to our Papa’s head to sleep at night ~ I think she gets more of the pillow than he does.

Elsa doesn’t understand about pillows yet and the comfort they can bring, she’s just too young. She thinks they are something to attack and try and bite a hole in. You should have seen the mess she made with the Squish pillow when my Papa wasn’t looking. It looked like it snowed in the bedroom.

My point about pillows is this: Some of you out there think it is perfectly acceptable to go to a pet store and get a “pillow” for your dog. You know the kind I’m talking about. . .the ones with zippers, wood chips for filling, and a burlap cover. Puhhleeeeze!!! I’d rather stay on the floor. At least on the floor I can find a nice soft bit of carpet or a rug that I can scrunch up. I have sensitive skin and simply can not tolerate that rough stuff on my belly. So, check wth your pups and see whether or not they would prefer something softer, with a nice satin, flannel, or jersey slip cover. I think you’ll find that all of them would prefer that to the stuff that comes home from the pet store. Why do you think we destroy those so quickly?

Your dog is faithful, loyal and lives only to love you, so do them a favor and give them a nice soft pillow to rest on. All for now. Paws Up!

Copyright 2008 © Phoenix with a helping paw from Gryphon

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