Stop Barking Already

For all you dog parents out there, listen up! Dogs bark. . .and we get mighty tired of trying to tell you something only to hear, “Will you stop barking already?” Barking is a dog’s form of communication. It allows us to alert you to when we feel that danger might be present, or when we need something to help our lives be a little more comfortable. Think about it – have you ever had your dog give you the “I’m hungry” bark, or how about the popular “I need to go out” bark. Sometimes it’s more of a growl or a groan, but let’s not digress into tone quality or semantics.

We don’t just bark to hear ourselves bark (unlike some people I know), so the quickest way to stop our barking is to figure out what we’re trying to tell you. You expect us to learn what your commands are in people language, so why shouldn’t we expect you to learn a little dog? Communication is a two way street people!

So, the next time you get ready to tell us to stop barking, think about how you would like to be told to stop talking.

Until next time. Paws Up!

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