Holey Moley – Prizes Galore

My TwitterSister, Bling Babe, and good friend, Eisley Jacobs (say it like a pirate Eyyyyyezley) is having a contest with 10, count them 10 prizes over on her blog EisleyJacobs.com. Why is she giving away soooo many prizes?

  1. She had a garage sale and not everything sold so she’s trying to foist her junk off on the unsuspecting?
  2. The holidays are around the corner, and the spirit of giving tackled her like a Bear’s linebacker?
  3. She’s almost reached 1,500 followers on Twitter and wants to commemorate it?

Ding… ding… ding!! Time’s up. If you guessed answer number 3, you’d be right on the money. Her follower count is climbing higher with each moment and she’s giving away chances to win some great swag.

How do I know? Because (drumroll please) Prize #1 is a signed copy of Misfit McCabe and Prize # 2 is a signed copy of Nowhere Feels Like Home. But there’s tons of other cool stuff too, so hurry right on over to EisleyJacobs.com and check out the prizes and find out how YOU CAN WIN!!

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