Intriguing – Pottermore

JK Rowling leads the way to the interactive reading experience with Pottermore. I have long had a deep respect for Rowling and her abilities. She transcends author because of the long-abiding enthusiasm of her fans and has achieved icon level, and is now pushing those boundaries out. I’m excited to see what Pottermore will entail because I’m always interested in new ways to engage readers and bring them into the world of my characters. Will Pottermore be the next generation in publishing? Or will it take time to catch on because of the potential expense involved in the interactive experience?

In addition to the interactive reading experience, Rowling promises not only audio books, but Pottermore will be the only place to obtain Harry Potter ebooks, which have been long awaited. Anyway, check out the video below, and join in the excitement for the release of Pottermore in October.

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