Happy 2nd Birthday #Amwriting – It’s a Party

The #Amwriting hashtag on Twitter turns two today. It’s been an amazing time. I came to be a member of #amwriting through an offshoot group, #amwritingparty. New to twitter, looking for friends, trying to connect with other writers, working on a novel, I wasn’t sure whether this whole twitter thing was really going to work for me. And then I figured out how hashtags worked, and one floated past in my stream that I just had to jump on – #amwritingparty. It was in the midst of NanoWriMo madness and a small group from the #amwriting hashtag decided to bring a party atmosphere to the insane word counts toasting each others progress with a virtual glass of champagne. Sparkly wordy dust started flying, and I was hooked. Who could resist the lure of sparkly wordy dust. Then from this wonderful group of writers that I had met through the #amwritingparty hashtag, a new hashtag started – #wipfire – where we shared bits of our work for instantaneous critique. It is such a wonderful tool to help you focus on your work line by line. And the feedback is incredible.

When I branched out from #amwritingparty to #amwriting, I found a wonderful writing community and I’m so glad I did. My tweetdeck is never without the #amwriting column so I can see what people are posting, and catch articles of interest, etc. #Amwriting has given me some of my best friends and those bonds will not be broken easily. Help is always only a tweet away.

This is a progressive birthday celebration, so thanks for stopping by and the next stop is at Khyiah Angel’s blog. Go check it out. And for a list of all participants in the party go here.    And…..

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6 Comments on “Happy 2nd Birthday #Amwriting – It’s a Party”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, LK. #amwriting is such a good community. I *do* miss #amwritingparty, though. That was great fun, but it seems to have tapered away.

  2. I love the #amwriting hashtag…it lets me see what other writers sre doing, and makes my struggles with writing feel less lonesome!

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