Misfit McCabe Books in the Wild

Since a picture is worth a thousand words—this post will be long on pictures and short on words.

This week, the Misfit McCabe series hit a major milestone … being shelved in a bookstore. There are few things that make an author happier than to see their work sitting on a bookstore shelf (except maybe to see it clutched in a reader’s hand on the way to the check out stand.) 😉

As you can see from the picture on the left, the books have featured as New Teen/Tweens (click the picture to see a larger view) And I certainly can’t complain about the company … being shelved with Lois Lowry and E. Lockhart is an honor.

And to the right is a face out shot. I love the wooden bookcases, by the way. They remind me of the library bookshelves I spent hours browsing through when I was a child. I’d wander along the shelves, making my selections—some new reads and some old friends—and hoping I could carry them all. Good memories.

Thanks to Robin Tidwell of All On the Same Page Bookstore for stocking my books and giving them such nice placement. And special thanks to Shannon Yarbrough for taking the photos and sending them to me.

And the final shot (for this post anyway), the table at the front of the store with the featured indie books. They look pretty good, don’t you think?

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