Diary of a Misfit – The Ring

Ring photo © Dmitry Bairachnyi
Ring photo © Dmitry Bairachnyi

Ring photo © Dmitry Bairachnyi

The cover pretty much says it all. I’ll admit, when Tom pulled out a ring to give to Katie, I was taken aback. I think I may have been more floored by it than Katie. Tom is one of my quieter characters, and he had recently opened up to Katie, and then came to me and told me he wanted to give her a ring. At first I thought he meant his class ring, and while I think it is a little soon in their relationship, I could shrug off the class ring. But then he showed me the ring ….

Not a class ring, and more than a friendship ring, the Irish Claddagh ring has a rich history and significance to it. All of which screamed “too soon” to me—Katie was too young, they both were, for something carrying that much significance. I briefly thought about telling Tom he couldn’t give Katie the ring—he’d actually listen to me—but I changed my mind. It would have been wrong for me to stop him from sharing his feelings with Katie. In his mind, the ring and its symbolism is perfect for them. More than friends, neither one wanting to say love yet, it was his way of saying she meant a lot to him and he was faithful to her.

Teaser: A more-than-friendship ring causes Katie to gush out her feelings—to her diary, since she can’t tell anyone else.

Diary of a Misfit is available now for Kindle. A portion of the proceeds from Diary of a Misfit will go to the Shaka Franklin Foundation for Youth.

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