Chemo Cycle 1, Day 3 – Hydration

My Status: Tired
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I’m just going to jump in and say, I didn’t sleep well last night. Not because of any other unpleasant side effects (because I really haven’t had many), but I just couldn’t sleep. So I was tired today. I am STILL tired, and yet, not sure I will be able to sleep tonight. Also my right arm hurts because I had to have the chemo in the back of the hand, and I am retaining water like I’m a camel. Pretty soon I’ll have a visible hump. And the sleeplessness and water retention are both due to the steroid given during the chemo to make sure I don’t have an adverse reaction.

Yippy, Skippy—the thing to stop me from having a reaction is causing the issues. Lucky me. And I mean that in the most sarcastic and joking way. I know the steroid stopped me from having a respiratory reaction to the chemo, because on day 1, I did have a slight tightening in the chest at one point—enough to make me think about alerting the doctor, but then the wheeze loosened, and there was no need. The drugs were doing what they were supposed to.

So the side effects of sleeplessness and water retention we can deal with. The only reason I’m a bit miffed at the moment is that I mentioned the need for a sleep aid when I came in, and the doctor had to leave early, so the other doctor wound up writing the prescription … and forgot to DATE it. The pharmacy cannot fill a prescription with no date and will have to contact the doctor—who left early because of a meeting, and will not be available. I’m exhausted, but the night ahead could be a long one. When I crawl into bed, I’m going to pretend I’m floating in the boat in the picture above, on a nice sunny day—the perfect temperature, with a slight breeze as the water gently laps against the boat and rocks me to sleep. With luck (too bad I don’t have a slug of rum) I’ll sleep.

The bruise on my left arm, which now by the way looks as if someone has put an eggplant cutting on my arm, it’s so nice and purply-black. doesn’t hurt one whit. On my right arm, where there is minimal bruising, I hurt. It hurts to extend my fingers to pick things up and reaching down to pick things up from the floor—forget it. Pain shoots up my arm. I’m sure the pain is linked to the water retention. I have gained two pounds each day and have eaten less, so the doc wants me to flush my system with plain water because I am sensitive to the sodium in the drugs they’re giving me. Tonight, that plain water has been mixed with tea and milk to help me relax and hopefully sleep. 🙂

Speaking of bruises, during the night I rolled over and my left hand simply flopped on my right arm and sent sharp radiating pain throughout my arm … sure enough, this morning I see the beginning of a bruise. My hand barely touched the arm. I just hit it at the wrong point.

Small veins caused me to be there longer than the expected 3 hour appointment again tonight. Probably half an hour later than anticipated. But that I don’t really mind so far. Now I should stop complaining and tell everyone what went right today. My mom misread the treatment schedule and thought the appointment was for noon instead of 2 PM. This meant she was early to pick me up instead of late. YAY for small favors, and knocking one worry out of the way. And hubs was able to track down some arnica to put on my bruise. He had to go to multiple places, but persevered until he found some, so he gets the gold star for the day.



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8 Comments on “Chemo Cycle 1, Day 3 – Hydration”

    1. Thanks, Anna. I’m just cranky because the guy missed a BASIC part of the prescription which rendered it (at the moment) useless. All because he was too caught up in regaling the office staff with stories of his residency back east. *sigh* After all, I am a writer, and we cut our teeth on lack of sleep for the cause, right? 😉

  1. Ugh! How frustrating that he made such a silly error in basic rx information. *gives him serious stink eye* Hopefully they’ll be able to get it sorted tomorrow and you can have access to the help you need so that your body and mind can get essential rest so you can heal!

    Steroids suck – they always turn my body into some sort of water retaining sea cow. Seriously I’m like that girl in Willy Wonka that blows up like a blueberry – only it’s water. Hopefully drinking plenty of water will flush your body so you can feel more comfortable. If not we’ll just roll you into the juicing room and squish it out of you! (I’m all about the solutions here my friend). *hugs*

    Also, just wanted to say: You made it through the first 3 day cycle!!! You did it!!! It wasn’t what you wanted to do but you did it and you rocked it. *hands over tiara*

    1. *takes tiara and places crookedly on head* I feel rather punch drunk at the moment, so a straight on tiara would be a crime. And yes, I made it through. Definite cause for celebration.

      And my friend, if the water doesn’t start shedding on its own, I’ll take you up on that juicer idea. I rested my forehead against the dryer for a few moments and had a visible dent for several minutes. That’s. Just. Wrong.

      And yes, the Not-MY-doc is a numbnut.

  2. The steroid may be the cause of the instant bruising too. I know that since I’ve been given steroid injections for joint issues, I have developed “old people’s skin” and it bruises and even tears easily.

    Arnica is also available as an internal Homeopathic medicine that may help with healing the insides and keeping aches and pains at bay.

    Some good guided meditation or relaxation music might be in order these days.

    Thinking of you my friend and sending much love and light.

    1. Thanks so much, April. Yes, I have meditation and relaxation techniques that I use on a regular basis. And my poor skin doesn’t have a chance between the EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), CLL, & the steroids. I’ll just be one big walking bruise for the next few months.

      I’ll look for the internal arnica as well. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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