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Today I actually ventured out of the house. Since having my treatments, I’ve pretty much been a hermit. Not intentionally, but my morning commute to work is now simply crossing the landing to my office, Denny has done the shopping so I wouldn’t have to be out and about with the general public, and so really there has been no reason for me to leave the house. Stir crazy? Not yet. (Give me time.)

But with the way my arms have been, I thought it’d be a good idea to get a massage, and there just happens to be a massage place about a block and a half from me. Convenient, isn’t it? Maybe not so much for the pocketbook, but we’ll see how things go. I’ve had several massages in the past, but one thing I have noticed … no massage therapist is ever the same. And this experience was no different. I did make sure, to the best of my ability, that the therapist did not have a cold before going in. The reason I said to the best of my ability is that the owner and therapist were Chinese with limited capacity for the English language and my Chinese is non-existent.

I will state up front, I don’t have modesty issues—and it’s a good thing. We started off the session, as normal, going into the room and the therapist indicating I was to lie on the table face-down. I mentioned I’d need a towel to place under my chest. For the uninitiated, I have big boobs, and lying on a flat table with no additional support to relieve the pressure hurts. It’s common practice and some therapists offer before I can ask. Today’s therapist nodded and grinned and left the room. I proceeded to undress.

This may be TMI, but when I disrobe for a massage, my preference is to go full Monty. It’s easier for the therapist not to have to work around under garments, and provides me with a better overall massage. I was on the table trying to figure out how to appropriately drape the small bath towel left on the table for the purpose when the knock came at the door. I said, “Just a moment,” and she barged into the room (sans the towel I had requested). Like I said … good thing I don’t have modesty issues. We got me settled and the massage began. Things were going well about half-way through the massage when I heard a new customer arrive. A few others had shown up after me, and all therapists were now engaged, and I heard the new person being told that very thing.

What blew my mind was that he argued that he really wanted a massage now and didn’t want to wait. And it was explained, again, that everyone was busy. Now this is a walk-in, not someone who had an appointment for a specific time. Grumbling, the guy settled down in the lobby area. Fast forward about five minutes. I’m still face-down on the table, half-draped while the therapist worked my entire right back side, from shoulder down to leg and the phone rang. My therapist left to answer the phone.

Leaving the Door. Wide. Open.

Yes, I peeked. Wide open to the hall. I’m draped on one side only (the side away from the door) and the guy from the lobby decides to start pacing the hall. I kept my head down and relaxed. There was nothing I could do except make the situation worse by getting up … and I don’t embarrass easily. So I listen to this guy pacing past my door on his cell phone, and he’s complaining again. “I’m here and have already been waiting for five minutes.”

I started to laugh. For all the world, it sounded as if this guy had decided to call them and make an appointment, for, oh yeah, right now. Coincidentally, he concluded his call, and my therapist returned to the room and continued my massage.

For all my writer friends, this scene is mine… ALL mine. It will go in a book somehow. I will make it happen.

The thing that this therapist did differently than any massage I had experienced (other than leaving the door wide open) was that she knelt on the backs of my legs and used her knees to massage the bottom parts of my glutes while using her hands to work the lower back and top of the glutes. It was an interesting technique. I may be wearing a few bruises (on my back) from the massage, but it was worth getting the knots out.

After my massage, I came home and took a 3 hour nap. Then was putzing around on the computer, chatting with a friend and getting some things posted, picking out the picture for this post, and I started to feel a bit nauseous. And realized the only thing I’d had in the past 9 hours was a 20 oz bottle of G2 (Gatorade light) which took me 3 hours to drink. No WONDER I was getting nauseous. That is one thing I have noticed, when my stomach hits empty, it is much easier for me to feel nauseous. Even if I only have a little something—solid—it helps.

The bout of nausea has been dealt with, and I am currently making up for lost liquid consumption. Especially having had a massage, I need to push fluids. Good thing I had that nap.

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10 Comments on “Venturing Out”

  1. Glad you had a massage not sure I would go back there. I agree with the empty stomach nausea stuff. Mine is still that way. Sending lots of peaceful thoughts and prayers.

    1. Yeah, the stomach thing does NOT give you any grace, does it? The massage itself was good … they just need a little more attention to detail, like making sure you listen to the customer, and close the door. And truthfully, that is the first time I have EVER been left in the middle of a massage. Not a good thing.

  2. Drat! I could have done something with that massage scene, and so could a lot of other authors. You are a smart lady to state it’s all yours.

    I’m glad you’re feeling okay and taking it easier than your normal hectic pace. 😉

    1. I HAD to state it’s all mine… otherwise I’d be accused of being a copycat when it happened to ME!! I might even have to write a non-YA book, just to use that scene… but use it I will. 😀

      I am trying to take it easier, but I really don’t do that well.

  3. Holy crap girl! I would NOT have handled that massage situation nearly as well as you did. I’ve always avoided massages because my muscles tend to be so incredibly knotted that any pressure/rubbing on them is extremely painful – now I’m going to avoid them because I don’t want my half nekkid self on display!

    I’m glad you were able to get out and get the massage despite the mishaps because it’s always good to get that blood flowing – especially with the fluid retention. Also? Hello NAP TIME!!! 🙂

    Remember to take care of yourself and to eat something small now and then – even when you’re not hungry. It will keep the tummy gods happy and you don’t want them unhappy. *hugs*

    1. First—This is the first time I have ever been left by the therapist in the middle of a massage, so it is HIGHLY unusual.
      Second—This could ONLY happen to one or the other of us. I took the bullet, so you can leave off worrying about your half-nekkid self being on display. Taken care of.
      Third—Get some of those knots taken care of so you can enjoy a massage. A really good one is a fabulous experience.

      I, for my part, will try to remember to eat something now & again… and to that end, I’ll go do that now. 😉

  4. I have not thought of a massage. I have not gotten stir crazy yet either. I have had the nausea worse when my stomach is empty too.

    1. With the massage, if you get one, just make sure it isn’t deep tissue. Deep tissue massages release the toxins your muscles are holding into your system. So a nice relaxation massage can be good, but deeper might be a bad thing.

      What is your diagnosis and how far are you in the treatment?

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