Chemo Eve

Christmas by Lyanne85
Christmas by Lyanne85

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That’s right, it’s Chemo Eve. I will NOT be breaking out the champagne for this one. Somehow the thought of going tomorrow to sit in a chair for six hours while various drugs are dripped into my system just doesn’t fill me with the party attitude. But that’s okay. Not everything in life is a party, nor should it be. I appreciate the journey I’ve had so far with the chemo because overall the reactions have been light. Will they continue to be?

*shrugs* Tomorrow will tell.

Tomorrow is my 6 hour day, and I have my snacks ready, thermos waiting to be filled with tea, so I have something warm to drink throughout the day, slippers, movies to play on my laptop, a big red, fleece blanket, and a driver who will most likely be on time. I feel like I’m off to camp. Camp Chemo—the camp where everyone has their own drip bag, and the games are lame, but the grand prize for camp completion is the coveted remission.

So while I’m not necessarily looking forward to the next three days, by the end of the week I will have notched the second cycle of six on the chemo tree, and will be one-third of the way through my treatment … which sounds a heckuva lot better than 16% of the way there. It’s the equivalent of eating liver when I was a kid. I would never have requested that we have liver for dinner, it was not, and remains not one of my favorites, but when it was served, we had to eat it. I learned the trick early on of making sure I had a mountain of mashed potatoes to bury it with, and I’d take a heaping portion of the grilled onions, too. Every bite had to have mashed potato and onion with it, and ultimately I’d finish the liver first, and then enjoy my last few bites of mashed potatoes as my reward. So while chemo was definitely not on my list of things to start in 2013, better health and being well will be my reward for persevering.

While I did rest a lot over the weekend, today I was tired for most of the day. I blame the weather. We had nice sunshine, but winds caused my allergies to flare up and my sinuses to go haywire, so I’m not as rested feeling as I had hoped to be. And the leukemia has been kicking up, because even though the temps were at 46F, I was sweating while sitting still. I did manage to accomplish what I needed to for the day job today so that was a positive. I don’t like going off with things left undone to fester while waiting for me to return. And tonight, I’m a little less tired because I had a great conversation with a fellow writer, and that always energizes me.

Until tomorrow. Good night.

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8 Comments on “Chemo Eve”

  1. You are doing amazing! And you are truly a writer, because as difficult as this journey is, you tell it in a way that makes me want to keep reading. Best of luck tomorrow.

  2. Praying that everything goes well today with no unexpected medical surprises. Your body is entirely too fond of finding a way to make these things just a wee bit more interesting I think. 🙂

    Liver IS absolutely disgusting. Mom didn’t generally make onions or mashed potatoes with our liver so my secret tended to be TONS of ketchup (but honestly? There isn’t enough ketchup in the WORLD to cover up that taste *shudders*). However, as I was gagging the nasty stuff down, mom would always remind me of how good it was for me. So here’s hoping you have such heaping mounds of mashed potatoes and onions that you can barely taste the liver – because in this case it really is good for you. *hugs*

    1. It does seem as if my body strives to make things a bit more interesting… or difficult.

      You must tell your mom that she made liver wrong… the grilled onions helped to mask the taste. They were essential to the ability to choke it down. Same with the mashed potatoes. And we heard the same It’s good for you speech and were unlucky enough to be saddled with a dad who would even order liver & onions as his entree in a restaurant. He kept telling us he used to hate it, but grew to enjoy it and we would too. Didn’t happen. I can eat it, but it will never be my first choice for a meal.

    2. Perhaps… but it shouldn’t have… we were really saying we want liver to live and never to become anyone’s meal ever again. ::positive spin on hating liver:: 😉

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