The Results Are In


This will be short & sweet—I had my follow up appointment for the bone marrow biopsy results this afternoon … the ones that will tell us how effective the chemo was.

*****drum roll, please*****


The doctor was very pleased with the results (and so, might I add, am I.) This is a huge milestone along the journey. She’s going to check me again in a month to make sure my blood values have stabilized, and then I will go on a every three months monitoring schedule for a while.

Time to take my life back.

*****Lights sparkly confetti cannon fuse*****


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14 Comments on “The Results Are In”

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. Of course, the first thing I thought of was all the stuff I have to get done over the next few months… and yes, heal the body is on the list. 😀

  1. LK!

    This is stupendously wonderful news and I am so beyond thrilled to hear it. I just saw your tweet and was so hoping the link would lead to exactly this!

    I’m SO happy for you. Metaphorically jumping for joy and if I weren’t so tired, I’d literally be doing so.

    GREAT NEWS!!! Hope we can celebrate one of these moons!


    1. Thanks, Lisette. It is indeed WONDERFUL news. May it last forever more. And yes, we’ll celebrate once my blood values are stable and I can be in public. 😀

  2. WoooHooooo!!!! Dances around sprinkling glitter and confetti. Offers ALL the tiaras!! I’m so incredibly happy for you my friend – I KNEW you would kick this cancer to the curb!

    *awkward internet tackle hugs* Praying the cancer remembers the sound butt kicking it has received and has enough sense to stay away!

    1. I agree, Rhonda. “Listen up cancer, we kicked your butt once, and we’re not afraid to do it again, so you’d best not show your face around here or we’ll unleash the ninja kitties.”

      *awkard internet tackle hugs back*

  3. YES! I knew if anyone could do it, you could! I am so happy to hear this. 🙂 Honestly, crying happy to the point I can’t write anything else coherent. :”}

  4. Happy happy day, Liana! What wonderful news. I hope this detour on your life’s journey was just a blimp on the radar, never to surface again. I will continue to pray that the results of your followup appointments are just as wonderful. Congratulations on your good news!

    — Susan

    1. Thanks, Mindy. I can’t wait to see you again… and there will be squeezing involved. 😀 And I don’t even care how that sounds. 😛

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