Meet Sergio


Last week I received a package in the mail, and imagine my delight when Sergio, the pygmy three-toed sloth, popped out of the box. We bonded instantly. What makes Sergio so special?? Well, aside from being an adorable ball of fuzz with the ability to give excellent hugs, Sergio is a character from the Timmy and the Golden Lion Tamarin Guardian Angel Animal series, and has inspired a spin-off series called The Adventures of Sergio and Luna.

Sergio comes into the Timmy and Rin books as the guardian angel animal to help out Luna, a seven-year-old girl with autism who is having difficulty adjusting to the changes in her life. When co-author Olivia Claire and I were discussing the series and the story lines for each of the books, we knew we wanted to have a book dealing with autism, but had no idea about anything else. Once I realized the animal should be something able to give great hugs, the long arms of a sloth immediately came to mind. And once Sergio filled my mind, the ideas have not stopped since.

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