Happy Thanksgiving 2016

On this day of giving thanks, I thought I’d share a few of the things I am thankful for. I have been incredibly blessed and I like to remind myself of these things when times get a little rough — as they do for us all from time to time. (The list is in no particular order)

Things I am Thankful For

  • My childhood — Despite the normal grumblings of a child, my childhood was good. No major hardships, loving parents, good schools, the freedom to explore, a neighborhood where everyone looked out for everyone else.
  • My mother — I honestly cannot say enough about this woman. She overcame several hardships in her life and made a vow her children would never have to deal with the things she did. And we didn’t. Whenever I might think I have reason to complain about what life has to offer, I look at her example and realize I have not only nothing to complain about, but owe her a debt that can never be repaid for her being the person she is. She is, and always has been, one of the most positive influences in my life. My support, giving me my roots to ground me and the wings to fly.
  • My sister and her family — They are very near and dear to my heart. As a kid I waited a long time for my sister to show up and have always considered her an extremely special part of my life and heart.
  • My characters — Without them I would have no stories to share and my life would be far less rich. Their whispers in my ear give my life purpose and joy.
  • My literary manager — The woman who not only took a chance on representing me and my work, but crawled out on my tree limb with me to enjoy the view. She has a unique understanding of my work, sometimes knowing more about it than I do about where it is headed. And she has brought me opportunities I would not otherwise have had, challenged me to stretch as an author, and has cheered me on in all endeavors.
  • Team Timmy — Working on a children’s chapter book series is one of those opportunities given to me by my literary manager, and I couldn’t be happier with the team we have working on the project. It truly is a collaboration and together we are putting something special together. Each member of the team brings their own magic to the project and I am thankful and blessed to have these people in my life.
  • My business partner — I wouldn’t have jumped off the cliff with anyone else and while the past year has been a roller coaster, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Section K and Cal State Fullerton Baseball — For bringing me many friendships I might not otherwise have had and a sense of family in the stands, plus hours of enjoyment as the team battles to win. Inspiring in those moments when you see a player give it their all for the love of the game.
  • My doctors — Though ill, I am thankful to have such good caretakers who are diligent, knowledgeable, and care about ensuring the right things are done at the right time to combat the challenges I face.
  • The writing community — The internet has provided the wonderful opportunity to connect with those who share my passion. You are my people.
  • My day job — While offering challenges every work day, I have a roof over my head and food on the table, and consider myself blessed to have the benefits I do.
  • Long-time friends — You know who you are. 🙂 The wonderful people I can connect with at a moment’s notice and we can pick up our friendship without losing a beat. The people I know I can call on in any crisis and those I know will always be there for me.
  • My best friend — Words fail me when I try to express how much this friend means to me because there are too many things I want to say and they all jumble up in a big ol’ knot and get stuck. So I will simply say that I am blessed and do not know what I did to deserve such a fabulous friend, but it must have been HUGE. 😉 Without you I am lost.


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