The Light Ahead

My doctors always tell me to stay away from sick people — and I have done my best, but there is a part of my brain that wonders how that is even possible. Turns out my best wasn’t quite good enough because I picked up an infection while grocery shopping (I know, I know… I should have left it on the shelf, but the bugger jumped in the cart, and boy have I paid for it). That was early November. Last week, I finally got the all clear from my doc, but it took 2 courses of strong antibiotics to beat it. I am used to responding well to antibiotics, so to have been on one of the stronger antibiotics to begin with to have to need something stronger was a bit concerning. Fortunately, it did knock it out. But the night before my “well-check”, I felt a little pea-sized nodule on the side of my neck. So I pointed it out because I thought it might be the lymphoma making an appearance. My doctor felt the same, so he called the oncologist and I had a CT scan done on Friday.

I had an appointment with the oncologist today (in advance of my quarterly appointment) and she agrees that my blood values are rising too quickly for what is normally a slow-progressing disease, and that the nodule, as well as a few others she found during the exam, are lymphoma. So, it is back to chemo. With a twist. There are new treatment protocols and the one she feels is best for me at this time means that I only have to take a pill a day instead of a monthly drug infusion via IV. WHAT A RELIEF!! I will have to go in monthly to have my blood values checked to ensure the treatment is working as it should, but no spending about 20 hours over the course of 3 days with an IV in on a monthly basis.

The picture at the top expresses exactly how I feel at the moment. So peaceful and calm with a lantern lighting my way.

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  1. Not great news, but it feels pretty hopeful nonetheless. I had a good friend who wasn’t comfortable with taking chemo for the rest of her life and had to go after cure. Unfortunately the cure was worse than the big C. I am encouraged that you are able to face this and you don’t have the anxiety that drove Judy to push too hard. I am in awe of your gentle fight. You are simply amazing.

    1. I can understand the drive to go for the “cure”, but since in my case, at least at the moment the medical community labels what I have as incurable, it has kept me from pushing too hard. And I am very hopeful. The new treatment protocol, while still new, is having some good results and the potential side effects seem to be on par with what I have experienced in the past. So to me the big upside is not having to sit in a chair for that long while poison drips into my system. Swallow a pill with a big glass of water and continue on with my day.

  2. I’m not judging her, just glad you are not feeling the same way. We all have to do what we have to do.

    1. And yes, completely understand. I didn’t take your comment as judgmental. Everyone’s journey is different. And each person has to make the decisions they do for their own life with the information they have available to them.

  3. My love to you. Your calm in the face of this up and down journey is admirable. Have a good long rest on this solstice. Back to the fight in the morning.

    1. Thanks, Tina. My love right back to you. 🙂

      Most of the time I have been calm throughout this journey (couple of minor not calm days) and I think I have a peace because I know there really isn’t much for me to do but to ensure I’m doing the best for myself health-wise and following my doctor’s instructions.

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