7th Grade Revolution: The Humiliation of Rhonda Snodgrass

Of all the characters in 7th Grade Revolution, the one my inner twelve-year-old identified the most with was Rhonda Snodgrass. Smart, funny, individual thinker, reader, and definitely not one of the “IT” crowd. And klutz.

At twelve, I was an athlete — softball and swimming — and I couldn’t figure out how I could excel in things requiring hand/eye coordination and trip over a non-existent shoelace. MUCH later in life, I finally figured out that when doing activities not requiring any concentration, like walking from the kitchen to the family room, my brain feels free to wander so the chair leg my eyes see doesn’t register until after I have tripped over it.

Rhonda is the same when it comes to her klutziness … wrapped up in another world while moving through this one. A recipe for disaster in the making.

The scene from 7th Grade Revolution:

Rhonda picked up her things and hurried to the aisle. She tripped on the chair leg at the end of the row and fell flat. Ouch. It happened so fast she didn’t have a chance to break her fall. She put her hands flat on the floor next to her side and pushed up to a sitting position. Her boobs weren’t big, but falling on them hurt. A sneaker stood about two inches from her hand. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, afraid to see who she’d taken a pratfall in front of.

Dang. She’d flopped at Spencer Jackson’s feet.

“Way to go, Grace.” His arms shot out straight and he moaned. “Oooh. Zombies are coming to get you.” He stepped over her legs with a snicker.

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