Chocolate and the Endangered Species

I have been a chocolate lover my entire life. Unfortunately, I was tortured as a child because I was not allowed to have chocolate because I was allergic to it. Turns out I never was allergic to chocolate itself, but chocolate when paired with other things. Good thing I’m a purist and love plain chocolate the best. 🙂 By the time I was a teen, I was allowed to have chocolate … and good thing, too as I may not have made it through puberty without it. In the Milk vs. Dark debate, I land solidly on the side of dark chocolate. Nice to like something that is good for me (in moderation).

Outside of the health benefits and the satisfaction having a piece of chocolate brings, one chocolate company is having a beneficial impact on endangered species. Madécasse, a Brooklyn based company, works directly with the farmers in Madagascar — home of the mouse lemur. The mouse lemur population has been decreasing in Madagascar due to deforestation. Madécasse is helping farmers by planting more cacao trees. The farmers don’t mind the critters in the trees because they help distribute the seeds and keep the insect population down.

The second book in the Guardian Angel Animal Series, A CinderElla Tail, features a baby mouse lemur named Ella. In the story, Ella must help Allison resolve her family issues because Allison’s dad has remarried and she now has to put up with the terrible twins whose mission is to make Allison’s life miserable. The story will have plenty of Timmy and his lovable Golden Lion Tamarin, Rin, because Timmy and Rin want to help as many people as they can.

Who could resist a chance to help a cute little animal like the mouse lemur? Especially when you can do it by eating chocolate.

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