7th Grade Revolution: The Broken Heel

Having sprained my ankle, or I should say ankles, more times than I can count, I can no longer wear heels. A modest inch or maybe two in a boot, cowboy-style, is about the best I can manage these days. I have even sprained both ankles at once by simply stepping off a curb. What can I say? I have a talent. While never getting the full-on shoe bug, I do like a pretty pair of heels — especially if they have some bling on them.

In 7th Grade Revolution, Selena Woodham is the girl wearing the heels. She is the fashionista of the crew and wouldn’t go out of the house without her heels. But, perhaps a little predictably, while tromping around a tunnel in the dark, she breaks a heel.

     “Ow.” Ahead, Selena stumbled and James caught her before she fell.
     The gang stopped.
     Selena leaned against the tunnel wall and pulled off her shoe. “My heel broke.”
     Pfft. Of course, it broke. Heels weren’t meant for walking through tunnels with uneven terrain and potholes. Now they’d have to listen to her whine about her broken designer shoe and she’d complain about not being able to walk when one leg was four inches higher than the other one.
     Her lips skewed to the side. “Well, it won’t do me any good this way.” She raised the shoe over her head and whacked the heel against the tunnel wall. She gripped the heel and ripped it off. “There.” Selena slipped the now heel-less shoe on, and the other off.
     She whacked the unbroken shoe against the wall a few times until the heel twisted. Then she wrenched it and made herself a pair of flats.

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