Baby Sloths

As many of you know, I have a great affection for sloths — especially my character Sergio, so they always get my attention in my social media feeds. When I saw this video of sloths being treated for mange and how darling they looked in their little “onsies”, I couldn’t help but share. It makes me want to work on the Adventures Sergio and Luna story so much … but first I have to finish the first book in the Homeless Myths series. That’s what happens when you have more stories waiting to be written than you have time for at the present. 🙂

While I just happened to see this in my feed, the original has been around for a while, as it was featured on Animal Planet in 2011, so Violet and Sebastian are all grown up now. I’ll bet they are just as cute. I enjoy the narrated video because not only can you see the extraordinary care being given to these homeless sloths, but you can hear it in their caretakers voice. They are loved. Do you think I could start a sloth reserve for homeless sloths? Sergio would enjoy the company.

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