A Boost from Fan Mail

The power of fan mail. Did you ever have one of those days??? Not a day where something catastrophic happens, but just the million and one little things that can derail your day. Like being on a conference call with your older-than-dirt, but still functioning so no need to replace, cell phone where you are the only person on the call with specific necessary information, and the phone decides that it has had enough and drops the call about sixteen times. That was my yesterday. Not a terrible day, just frustrating because I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. Until I reached the end of the day job, climbed the stairs, and found a lovely email from a fan of 7th Grade Revolution. She and her sister had just finished reading the book and couldn’t wait to tell me how much they loved it.

7th Grade Fan Art

This absolutely MADE MY DAY. I am still smiling. Because this is why I write and share my stories. It was such a delightful note and brought such joy to me, especially after an out-of-sorts day, that I wanted to share it here.

I just finished 7th grade revolution!!! I enjoyed 7th Grade Revolution very much! It was almost like being along with the kids on their journey! I loved when they found the wax portrait. My two favorite characters were Maddie, because of her kindness, and Rhonda, because of her bravery! The book cover says it was inspired by true events. Which parts of the story were true? My sister just finished reading and she loved it, too! Her favorite part was reading Rhonda’s funny thoughts. 7th Grade Revolution was such a great book and is now one of my top three favorite books, along with Harry Potter, and the Bible!

It’s not often you have your work as a favorite alongside Harry Potter and the Bible!!! She enjoyed it so much, she created a picture to show her favorite books, and then when she learned that Instagrammers often create scenes with books, she created one for 7th Grade Revolution — and I love it. She did a MUCH better job at creating a lovely scene than I ever would.

I do love my readers.

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7 Comments on “A Boost from Fan Mail”

  1. This is great! If you want to give her my email, I’d be glad to tell her your story is lots more fun that the real one was!

  2. What a special way to connect with the story for the BOTH of you, author and reader! Nothing like the love of a great book!

    1. By the time you’re done writing a work, the characters and their stories are so much a part of you, it is fantastic to hear when someone else “gets” them in the same way you intended. 😀

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