The Journal of Angela Ashby: The Crystal Ball

Cloud filled sky seen in crystal ball

The Crystal Ball is a standard stock-in-trade for any fortune-teller, especially those of the carnival variety. It is both pervasive and mysterious and has a history of prevalent use back to the Druids. But what is it about crystal gazing that has hung on for so many centuries? In pre-industrial times crystal gazing was commonly practiced by the Pawnee, the Iroquois, the Incas, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Chinese, and the people of Yucatan. But even before that, oral histories from Julius Caesar and Pliny, the Elder refer to the Celtic Druids of Gaul, Britain, and Ireland using sea-green mineral called beryl that they polished into spheres for divination purposes. They believed the magnetic charge of beryl made it more likely to connect with the psychic energies of the moon.

In The Journal of Angela Ashby, Angela is smug when she see the crystal ball in the outer portion of the fortune-teller’s tent. To her, it confirmed her belief that the fortune-teller was a fake, despite the mysterious atmosphere. But as she looked more closely, she was a bit shocked to realize the crystal ball wasn’t clear, but cloudy. But the art of scrying only requires a reflective surface.

     A large lavender orb sat on a polished wooden base. I smirked. I should’ve expected to find a crystal ball in a fortune-teller’s tent. No fortune-teller would be complete without it. But the cloudiness of the orb surprised me because I expected the crystal ball to be clear. How would you see the fortune in something cloudy?
     As I gazed, shapes shifted in the orb. Whoa. I blinked and took a couple steps back. That was kinda freaky.

Have you ever tried to see the future or look into the past by gazing into a crystal? Have you ever used crystals to help you relax or meditate?

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