The Journal of Angela Ashby: A Fresh Look

Every once in a while, there comes a time when you need to give things a fresh new look. Though The Journal of Angela Ashby has not even been out a year as yet, my publisher and I discussed whether we should give Angela a slightly new look, and agreed we should.

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I love the original cover created by Mister Sam Shearon — he captured the moment beautifully and with a release date of late September, with Halloween looming, the spooky vibe worked really well. But we decided we were missing Angela from the cover.

Once again Sam knocked it out of the park. Keeping the integrity of the original cover was important to us and he delivered that and more. It is a perfect representation of Angela’s tentativeness as she prepares to have her fortune told by Madame Vadoma.

What had once been fun and games, and something to tease her best friend Mallory about, was now all too real. Sam nailed the moment and I love what he did with Angela. She is very much how I picture her in my mind’s eye.

I love the feeling of the fresh new look. It gives the cover a little lightness in tone — after all, a book with a farting fairy is not all doom and gloom. And Angela looks as if she’s always been there.


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