The New Regime

I have been on the new oral chemo protocol for a month now, and things are going along okay. Do I have any side effects? Yep. But it would be a rare thing if I didn’t react in some way to these drugs. The worst of it is shortness of breath going up and down the stairs or if I hurry from one room to the other. I have let the doctor know and we’re going to proceed as planned, unless it gets worse. I’m hoping as my body adjusts, things will get better.

The FANTASTIC news is that the lump in my breast is long gone. I call it the drama queen because it grew and receded with a flourish. The lymphoma on the back is taking its time on reducing. It is, but so much more slowly.

Thursday (and Friday) marked the first dose of the infusion therapy. I honestly didn’t know what to expect this time round. Most of the reading I have done on the drug includes MOST people having a reaction on day 1. In fact, the way they give it includes getting the patient adjusted to the chemicals over a two day period for what will be a one day process in the future. You have one-tenth of the dose on day one, and come back the next day for the rest.

Since I react to EVERYTHING, I wasn’t sure how things would go, but day 1 … smooth as silk. On Friday, I expected to be there all day long because Thursday took 4 hours for a tenth of the dose. I was so surprised when they told me I only had one bag and was done by noon. So I happily came home, unpacked all the stuff I took with (laptop, blanket, pillow, etc.), and decided to rest a bit.

That’s when my body finally decided to react — my chest tightened and breathing was definitely labored. I used my lowest level inhaler and the breathing eased, and I called the oncologist to let her know what was going on. As a precaution, she put me on steroids for a few days.

Other than that, things are going well. I am tired … even more so after the reaction, but today my head is less foggy and I am feeling better.

We get to do the thing all over again on Thursday. I expect we might run the drip a little more slowly, though I could be wrong. Hopefully, I’ll acclimate to the treatment and we can keep going,

The picture for this post is to remind me to focus on the beauty in things and let all the garbage and negativity fade into the background. I do have so much I am blessed with and am fortunate to have all the good people in my life that I do. Though I cannot get out and about these days to see people, I value your support through this time. It means so much to me.

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  1. Liana, I want you to know that you are in my prayers daily. It is good to here that things are going better. You are really a very brave young woman.

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