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Writers tend to view things in scenes and chapters. While I enjoy getting into a flow state and immersing myself in a scene, nothing quite brings the same excitement as starting a new chapter. With a new chapter, you turn the page and choose a new direction. I'm always excited to see where the writing is going to take me. As in fiction, so it is in life.

Over the past few months, I've been immersed in prepping for my next big turn of the page and new chapter of my life—moving cross country from Southern California to Eastern Tennessee. While this is a big move, I'm looking forward to it as my next big adventure.

This has been a year of BIG change for me. Back in January, I turned a page and resigned from my job I worked for 30 years. I felt it was time to move forward into the next phase of my life where I can focus more on writing the books I love. Though I do miss the people I worked with, I don't miss the actual work.

I think back with pride on all that I accomplished in my job, but I look forward to all I need to accomplish with my writing. My to-write pile is out of control. And I can honestly say that I haven't even had one minute to spare to miss work.

The past few months have been chock-full of planning, prepping, organizing, disposing, donating, cleaning, and packing. For awhile I felt as if the boxes would revolt and I'd end up buried beneath them with arm and leg twitching. Fortunately, that didn't happen :), and now all that remains is to get ME on the way since all my stuff has already left.

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I have traveled extensively throughout my working career, but the thought of navigating an airport, the long flight in cramped quarters, and the inability to keep a bubble around me (for health reasons) bothered me. Then I thought of trains. While the train will take 3 days instead of a 7-hour flight (including layovers), I have booked a bedroom, so will have room to stretch out, relax, and ENJOY the journey. This gives me a nice transition between leaving and arriving, I've never traveled cross country on a train … and I've always wanted to.

Though I will miss family and friends, my reality has been the four walls of my apartment for the past several years with most the in-person contact being trips to the doctor and back. So in many respects, keeping in touch with friends and family will not change much at all. But being in the Smoky Mountains will give me a chance to take walks in more natural surroundings, I'll have different views from my windows, and wonderful new experiences.

So (for now at least) goodbye Southern California and hello Eastern Tennessee—it's time to start something new … and trust the magic of new beginnings.

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  1. Wow, that’s really cool and brave of you! Wish you coulda come up here for a quick visit before taking off, but I’m happy for you – and your brand new life!

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