An Evening of Rest

My Status: Feeling Good
Mood: Cranky
Yesterday I thought I’d try an evening of rest. I’m back to work, albeit from home, knew I wouldn’t be writing, didn’t really want to do anything, so rest seemed like a good idea. Here’s the thing—I don’t rest well.

A Bit of the Hair …

My Status: Feeling Good
Mood: Feeling accomplished – laundry done, beds made—who could ask for more?
For those of you coming along with me on this journey who do not have an understanding of how weird and twisted a writer’s brain can be, this post may sound weird and twisted.

Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Controlling Characters

Pegasus has long been my symbol for imagination. You put wings on a horse and imagination takes flight. Of course, my fondness for Pegasus may have been fostered by the number of trips we would make by car from Southern California to Northern Washington during my childhood. We made the trek at least twice a year, and invariably we would gas up at the Mobil stations.