Strange Phenomenon

Today has been a somewhat strange day. I started off laughing this morning over a video by Jackson Pearce about the line editing process. Since I am in the middle of that process with Nowhere Feels Like Home, I can completely relate to it. So, the day started off well enough, and then as the day wore on, it started to lose its bubbles. While I was working, I noticed I kept getting email notifications of new people following me on Twitter. It happens once in awhile, but today was extraordinary. Being at work, I didn’t have time to check it out and see why I was getting so many followers. In fact, I didn’t have time to do much more than think wow, that’s a lot of followers.

Thoughts From the Morning Commute – The Young Adult Genre

As I read through some articles this morning, I ran across a great video called YA haters by Jackson Pearce which was a video response to some ridiculous remarks by the New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, and The Atlantic about the young adult genre. I have embedded the video in this post so you can enjoy it as well. Jackson Pearce is an up and coming writer, who has her debut novel, As You Wish coming out in August 2009 (and is currently available for pre-order.) I really enjoy Jackson’s sense of humor and quirkiness, and have browsed a few of her other videos as well. Maybe I’ll have to turn Denny into my camera man and start V-logging too. I’ll get Phoenix to play me because she likes to pose for the camera. (All right, already. . . I digressed.)