Strange Phenomenon

Today has been a somewhat strange day. I started off laughing this morning over a video by Jackson Pearce about the line editing process. Since I am in the middle of that process with Nowhere Feels Like Home, I can completely relate to it. So, the day started off well enough, and then as the day wore on, it started to lose its bubbles. While I was working, I noticed I kept getting email notifications of new people following me on Twitter. It happens once in awhile, but today was extraordinary. Being at work, I didn’t have time to check it out and see why I was getting so many followers. In fact, I didn’t have time to do much more than think wow, that’s a lot of followers.

On my way home, I had reached that point where I was sure Nowhere Feels Like Home was an unsalvageable mess and I might as well scrap it. Fortunately, I’ve been writing long enough to know this mood and realize that’s all it is, a phase that I will get through. I usually hit it when I have finished the novel, have done the first blush editing and now face the nitty gritty work of going through word by word – knowing there is a lot that has to be redone. The evil little goblin on my left tells me to just give up, while the angel on my right tells me to hang in there, I can do better. After a few days of heavy procrastinating, I’ll force myself to buckle down and will become immersed in the book once more and you won’t be able to get me away from it.

Arriving home, I was a little down. And once I brought email up again, I remembered the whole, strange Twitter follow thing that was going on, and it still was. More and more follower notifications kept popping into my inbox. There were so many, I was beginning to wonder whether I should be getting paranoid. Instead, I headed on over to Twitter to find out what was going on. Still clueless, it wasn’t until I saw a tweet by @CarolHousel telling me I made a Mashable and then suddenly the world made sense once again. Cameron Chapman created a list of the 100+ Best Authors on Twitter, and I made the list under Children’s and Young Adult. I am definitely honored to have made the list. And it does explain the upsurge in followers. Now, all of a sudden, I’m back up in the clouds, and everything seems possible. Even finishing the editing on Nowhere Feels Like Home, (but not this weekend).  ***I know the butterfly doesn’t have anything to do with this post – I just thought it was pretty.***

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