Digital Book World Awards: Winner

As I write this, I’m a little blown away. Recently, I announced that I had been selected as a finalist in the Best Children’s Book category and the Best Use of Social Medial in Book Marketing category for 7th Grade Revolution for the 2018 Digital Book World Awards. I was so honored to have reached that stage and not only … Read More

It’s a Wrap

I have just concluded a week long freak out over the fact that I had to have some professional photos taken. So first I must apologize to all who had to deal with me mid-freak out, in particular my TwitterSisters, who took the brunt.

Signing Times Received

This is going to be a very short post to let everyone know the times I will be conducting signings at the San Diego Children’s Book Festival. I will be signing from 10:00 – 10:30 and then again from 15:00 – 15:30 (3 – 3:30 PM for those of you who have difficult with military time). So, I will pretty … Read More

Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Book Previews

Since I review books for Lulu Book Review I am frequently looking at other author’s websites to gain a little understanding about the person behind the work I am making a determination on whether I want to read their submission for review or not. For those who do not know how the process works, I’ll give a brief overview. Authors who would like to submit their work for review will post a query on the Lulu Book Review blog Pick Me! tab. Along with the name of the author and the title they would like reviewed, we request a link to where we can take a peek at their work along with a brief description of the work itself and why we should review it.

Meet Me in San Diego

I had such a good time at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books that when the opportunity to attend the San Diego Children’s Book Festival came up, I jumped at the chance. I think this might be even better for Misfit McCabe and figuring out which cover I want to make the new cover. There’s actually no reason not … Read More

LA Times Book Festival ~ Day 1

The day was absolutely gorgeous. Sunlight streamed down from blue skies and the air remained cool from the breeze that blew through the campus. We could not have asked for better weather to join several thousand visitors and exhibitors on the UCLA campus today, to celebrate the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Denny and I arrived just shortly after … Read More

Book Festival Here I Come

I think I might actually be ready for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this coming weekend. I have received my order of books, have business cards, bookmarks, hand out cards, and posters. And I designed t-shirts for both Denny and I to wear at the event with the Misfit McCabe traveling book site (Where in the World is … Read More

Misfit McCabe Book Trailer

I just thought I’d take a quick moment to share my book trailer for Misfit McCabe. This is the final version (at least for now). ———————————————————————————————– LK Griffie Visit me at Griffie World To buy Misfit McCabe, visit my store at or purchase at To track Misfit McCabe across the country, visit: Where in the World is Misfit … Read More

Borders on the Slippery Slope

A local author walked into a bookstore. . . sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it. Well, what followed was a joke, but not in the least amusing for anyone involved. In our current economic times, good customer service is increasingly important to help maintain the customer base. As a consumer, I’m making my purchases much more cautiously … Read More

WITW is MMC? – Woodinville, WA

I have fond memories of Woodinville. I was actually in Washington on business, I forget exactly what the purpose was, but I was visiting the office that my company had in Bothell before heading up to our Vancouver office. Since there was a weekend in between, I was able to attend the Annual Fool’s Day Parade, also known as the … Read More

2008 in Review

I’m not really a believer in resolutions.  The word resolution to me is like the phrase, “I’ll try.”  When someone says, “I’ll try,” what they really mean is “don’t hold your breath.”  It’s like a built in excuse for failure.  With “I’ll try”, if I succeed, then I’m the hero, if I fail, well, I never promised anything.  A resolution … Read More

WITW is MMC? – Durango, CO

Book 1, the Purple line is moving along in Colorado. It started off in Bayfield and has now made the short jaunt through the mountains to Durango to visit in Miss Pam’s class. They are definitely enjoying the book – to check out what they have to say about Misfit McCabe, read the comments on the Book 1 page of … Read More