Book Festival Here I Come

BookmarkI think I might actually be ready for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this coming weekend. I have received my order of books, have business cards, bookmarks, hand out cards, and posters. And I designed t-shirts for both Denny and I to wear at the event with the Misfit McCabe traveling book site (Where in the World is Misfit McCabe?) information on the front and the cover of Nowhere Feels Like Home on the back framed by Coming Summer 2009. I not only have bookmarks that reflect the current cover of Misfit McCabe but have designed a new bookmark which reflects both books in the series. The new bookmark front is pictured to the left.

I have created and sent off the 8×10’s of the Misfit McCabe book cover and the review by the Lulu Book Review, although to be perfectly honest, those nearly escaped my attention and I had to send Denny down to Ramona to deliver them to the post office there so they would be on time.   The only thing left to do is make up and print out some flyers and that shouldn’t take me too long.

The good news is on the weather front, it appears that the current heat wave should be dissipating to cooler temperatures for the weekend, but we haven’t yet seen the cool down start. I will remain hopeful that I won’t be spending the entire weekend outside in 100 plus degree heat. Leaving work the past two days has been like walking out into a wet blanket. I shudder to think what summer time will be if this is spring.

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  1. i like the cover – Katie looks like I imagined her to be. Can’t wait to hear about the book fair when you get back. Have fun!

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