Recovery Week

It has been a long time since I’ve had the chance to sneak some time in on Mama’s laptop. But I figured since she’s busy mopping the floors, I’d have a chance to jot a quick post off. It has been one rough week for this pup. Let me tell you what happened…

The New Summer Game

All of a sudden, summer is definitely here. Let me tell you that wearing black fur in the summertime is not fun.

When Is It My Turn?

I usually don’t complain about much (except for when Mama gets an idea to put a hat on my head), I go amiably along with what my family is doing. I even wrestle with Elsa from time to time to keep her happy.

Beating the Heat

I’m going to write this early before the heat of the day hits. I usually like the heat because I get cold easily, but the past couple of days have been just awful. Muggy heat is the worst. I am so glad that Mama insisted on our summer cuts now. I thought she might be a little premature when we … Read More

Change in the Weather

Yesterday I thought it was time that we got our summer hair cuts. The sun was shining and the heat continued to rise to the point that it got hot. Every year, at least once during the warmer months, Mama and Papa take us to the groomers and get our hair clipped short. This is something that is definitely necessary … Read More