Change in the Weather

Yesterday I thought it was time that we got our summer hair cuts. The sun was shining and the heat continued to rise to the point that it got hot. Every year, at least once during the warmer months, Mama and Papa take us to the groomers and get our hair clipped short. This is something that is definitely necessary for Gryphon because her hair is thick and wiry and she gets hot easily. Now, I’m a little different because my hair is ultra fine and silky, just as a princesses hair should be, and I stay cooler than Gryphon. Even so, I still enjoy my summer cut because it helps me to look like a young and vibrant pup (people always mistake me for being a puppy).

Well, today I’m glad that I still have every hair on my body because it is a much cooler day. I don’t know why the weather has to change so drastically in the space of one day, but really, it was warm enough to make me hot yesterday, so Gryphon and Elsa were over-hot. At least we didn’t have snow, like some areas of the country. I definitely could not be a cold weather pup. Just the thought of having to put my dainty toes into ice cold snow…brrrr!! (I just shook my whole body). I think I would absolutely have to insist upon boots for going outside, as well as a heater lamp in the area where I do my business. To all you dogs out there with owners who don’t understand what it’s like, perhaps you could convince them to put their heiny down on the cold, snow-covered ground and hover for a few moments, and then they might treat you a little nicer and get a heater or create nice indoor yard for you.

We will have to get our summer cuts soon though. After all, this is California and the weather just doesn’t get really cold here anyway (for which I am eternally thankful). It’ll be fun to listen to Elsa scream, because this will be her first cut. My prediction is that once we are through, she’ll be glued to Mama’s side and won’t leave her alone. Mama will get upset because she says she can’t type with a puppy laying on her hands. He he he – I’ll be laughing behind my paw.

All for now. Until next time. Paws Up!

Copyright 2009 © Phoenix with a helping paw from Gryphon and a distracting paw from Elsa

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