Possibly a Writer’s Best Friend

While I was working on the sequel to Misfit McCabe yesterday, I decided that the mp3 player and a pair of headphones may quite possibly be the writer’s best friend. Pop the headphones in, turn the music on and let the story flow. The music helps to cut down on the interruption factor. So, when Denny starts to read me the headlines from the internet, or start telling me all of the minutiae about the latest 3 wheel car that he’s interested in, there is a music barrier between us. That doesn’t mean that I don’t hear him, or am not interrupted by his statements, because it would hurt my ears to have the music up loud enough to completely block him out. But, it affords me a little buffer where I can ignore him, unless he becomes too chatty.

And for those of you who think I’m being a mite harsh, let me explain. When you’re in the middle of writing, a single interruption to the flow of thought can alter the direction to your story. If you don’t get the thoughts captured as they are coming, sometimes you never get it back. Especially when you get into the writing zone and enter the world of your characters. Distractions are the enemy.

So, I bless my little mp3 player. Of course, there’s nothing to be done about Elsa trying to crawl into my lap and putting her paw on the keyboard.


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