The Writing Super Puppy Bowl

Well, Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone once again. Two teams hit the field, and the battle wages for the next 3 hours or better, and at the end a team is named champion. What I didn’t understand is that although my plan didn’t actually involve watching the game this year, that I too would be waging a battle, and it was a toss up as to who would be victorious.

Denny wanted to go to his folks house for the Super Bowl, so he could watch it with his dad. Now, in theory, I have no problem with that. I like for him to spend time doing things with his dad. I told him it was no problem as long as no one minded that I was bringing the laptop and was planning to write while the game was on. I didn’t even intend to be in the room where the game was on.

Oh well, we all know what they say about the best laid plans. . . Here’s how things went.

We arrrived at lunch time, so I was sociable and waited until we were finished with lunch before breaking out the laptop. I went into the living room (next to the den where the game was going to be on.) Laptop on – check. MP3 player out and on – check. Headphones in – check. And the typing began. So far so good. Pregame on in the next room. Denny and his dad are chatting away. The dogs are all relaxing, until Elsa, our youngest, discovers that I am no longer in the room. There is a baby gate in the doorway between the living room where I am sitting and the sunken den to keep their dog Daisy from running throughout the entire house. So, Elsa comes over to the baby gate, stands on her hind legs and barks that shrill bark that could break glass at twenty paces.

I asked Denny to see if he could get her distracted and have her sit with him. No good. She kept coming back to the baby gate and barking. I can ignore many things when in the writing zone, that bark just doesn’t happen to be one of them. I even tried bringing her in with me, but then she wanted to get down and wander around, which wasn’t a good idea, since their dog is not allowed to do that. By this time, the game is on and the battle is starting to heat up.

Finally, when Daisy starts to mimic Elsa and I have two puppies barking at me, I give up and move on into the den and set myself up in the recliner. There I am with laptop on my lap, Elsa tucked under one arm. Next thing I know, Gryphon and Phoenix join her and I have 3 dogs, and a lapotp on my lap. I sigh and cointinue to type. Then up hops Daisy and all of the dogs think they need to move around. Need I say that this was not conducive to getting any writing done?

After everything finally settled down, I usually had at least one pup in my lap, but was able to continue on with my writing. After all was said and done, I was quite amazed to have written 8,000 words during the course of the day. I’d have never thought it possible with all of the obstacles that kept getting in my way. I declared myself the champion and we went home so the game can be played with home field advantage.

Think of what I would have been able to accomplish had I stayed home and sent Denny and the pups to his folks. . . .


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