Book Review: How To Become a Mail Carrier Puppy

celinastarHow To Become a Mail Carrier Puppy

By Celina Star

Copyright: © 2009

$ 16.60 full color paperback

42 pages

Reviewed by Phoenix, the miniature long-haired dachshund princess of LK Griffie, author of YA novel, Misfit McCabe.

I am so excited because this is the first book review that I get to write. Finally a chance to put my paw to something worthwhile. This opportunity came about because a German Shepherd, Celina Star published a book called, How To Become a Mail Carrier Puppy and Mama said that I would have the opportunity to do the review, since both the author and I are German canines. I have been taking careful notes along the way as I watch my Mama read and review other books, and I know that I’m ready for this challenge.

How To Become a Mail Carrier Puppy is the second book by Celina Star, the first being a little longer piece called Paw Prints on the Road which is full of travels around the world. In the prologue to Paw Prints on the Road there is an explanation given regarding the editing of the work, or to be more accurate, lack of editing.

The Reader might like to know why this book was never edited. I do believe that my true inner feelings; my thoughts which come into my mind and all my emotions at the time of writing should be represented and voiced in this little book. No one can take your words of your heart and make them better.
No correct English, grammar, pronunciation can equal what a heart is telling you to write down on a little white piece of paper and transform it into a book of thoughts and joy.

Phoenix Reading

Phoenix Reading

While I appreciate this viewpoint, I’m not sure I whole-heartedly agree with it. I like for my work to be formatted, and spruced up a bit before letting anyone else read it, but that is just me. A princess always has to be concerned about setting the proper example. Since I know that the author believes in leaving the work unedited, I will not comment on any formatting, punctuation or grammatical issues found within the work, but will focus instead on the story itself. By the way, this is a picture of me on my princess pillows studying up on how to write a review.

How To Become a Mail Carrier Puppy is a book that made me smile as I read it. The pictures are cheerful and illustrate the action in the story quite well. The writing was very tongue in cheek and made me chuckle behind my paw at times. For example, when filling out the application to become a mail carrier puppy, Celina had the following to say:

When the question came about “RACE”, I wrote down: “FAST”. I was a little confused about the question of being a Caucasian, African American, or Asian. Being of tan, brown and black color, and having a white star on my chest, and…. I can narrow my eyes to make them slanted, I wrote down : “a little bit of everything”.

I especially like how this pokes fun at the human propensity to define people. Like it matters what ethnicity people are. We judge others by where they’ve been and who they’ve been associating with, and, yes, that is the reason we sniff each other. Of course, I shouldn’t be quite so harsh, people are not dogs and just don’t know any better.


Actually, the puppy in the book reminded me very much of my own puppy, Elsa. Especially when she helped the elderly lady with the walker slowly slide down to the ground so she could read her letter. I would send Elsa off to become a mail carrier puppy, but I don’t think she’s tall enough to reach to post boxes. It sure would enhance my nap time if she were to go off to work every day to deliver mail, and come home all tired out. Maybe she wouldn’t try to wrestle with me so much.

I was happy to see Celina include some photos, especially the one with her stuffed canine double. I also have a stuffed dachshund double, but it is fatter than I am (I am really quite petite). Celina’s smile is very nice, don’t you think.

Originally reviewed for the LL Book Review.

All for now. Until next time. Paws Up!

Copyright 2009 © Phoenix with a helping paw from Gryphon and a distracting paw from Elsa

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