During a Break in Writing

I only have a few moments to post something because Mama is going to be back shortly and want to use the laptop again. She’s in the middle of writing the sequel to Misfit McCabe and when she’s in this mode I usually have to keep my paws off the laptop. Well, I just wanted to make a comment to all you dogs out there who have owners that are writers. I know that it can be a little troublesome when they get into that writing zone, because the ability to keep track of time ceases to exist for them. Plus, they just keep writing and forget to give us kibble or water until they come out of the writing zone. Just remember that your job is to love your owner unconditionally and if it means sitting right by their side while they are working through some sticky plot point, then so be it.

Gryphon, Elsa and I all got paw print fleece blankets for Christmas (Thank you Grammy) and so I make it my job to curl up on one of the blankets – we all share with each other, even though our names are on the blankets – and stay by Mama’s side until she takes the headphones out of her ears and quits typing. Elsa is still learning about how to behave with a writer in the house. She keeps trying to crawl up in Mama’s lap and in the process steps on the mouse or on the keyboard and Mama is scrambling to save her work.

So, all you young pups out there. . .until you know how to use a keyboard. Paws Off!

Until next time. Paws Up!

Copyright 2009 © Phoenix with a helping paw from Gryphon and a distracting paw from Elsa

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