Recharging the Batteries

While it may appear that I have been not posting many messages of late, appearances can be deceiving.  Since this past Saturday, I have been working almost exclusively on articles for the blog, but haven’t yet published any of them.  The reason is that I have been been reading and reviewing books for the Lulu Book Review and now am 10 reviews ahead of the game.  That should give me a few months to focus on some other things .

Friday night, I attended a concert in Laguna Beach put on by a friend of mine with the music of ABBA. It was really good. My friend, Saif was the director, the pianist, and pretty much running the whole show. I just sent him an email giving him what for, for not having his website launched yet, so you can see what he’s up to and where he’ll be next.

Anyway, the show was so good that it stuck with me for days, the music running through my head and never quite leaving me. Normally this wouldn’t have been an issue because I love music and would have just given in and sung along, probably prolonging the stay of the music in my head. Well, since I have been trying to get the sequel to Misfit McCabe written, I can only listen to certain music which helps to set my writing mood. Unfortunately, ABBA is not that music. For those of you who have read Misfit McCabe you will understand how ABBA just doesn’t fit the storyline.

Just to be clear, I am not the only writer who uses music to help the muse. Several authors use specific music to assist them in setting the mood for their writing and enable them to get into the world of their characters. Stephenie Meyer’s is one, and I recently ran across another author who listed on the acknowledgement page several bands that helped them write the book, although of course because I’m trying to remember who, I’m unable to right now.

So, I found myself taking a little break from writing the sequel.  The good thing, I was able to read some books and recharge myself a little bit.  It helped that the majority of the books that I read over the weekend were good and really helped to fill me back up.  I was getting a little depleted with how hard I was working on the sequel.  (I really am going to have to name this thing soon – I ususally can’t write without a working title at a minimum).

The characters are starting to invade my sleep again, so it is time for me to get back to work, and finish this thing up.  If I don’t my characters are going to run away with the book (as if they hadn’t done that already) and I’ll be up to 5-6 books instead of working on two.

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