Paw Princess on the Move

I feel like fireworks are going off. I finally convinced Mama to integrate The Paw Princess Diary into Griffie World Happenings. Do you know how I did it? I kept asking her to post a blog entry and since with my blog on Blogger she has to log out of Gmail so I can log on to post an item, she didn’t want to do it. I was biding my time and making suggestions about the website and how she really should start integrating all of the aspects of it, so that it is seemless to anyone trying to find out information about her stuff.

Things have been moving slowly because she has been so busy with writing the sequel to Misfit McCabe. She is calling it Nowhere Feels Like Home, and I think it’s a lovely title. She finished up the creative process and is now procrastinating about completing the editing on it. I saw my moment to strike. What really helped me out was that for work she had to upgrade her laptop and wouldn’t have Microsoft Front Page anymore, so she has decided to upgrade her website (and she thinks it’s all her own idea – he he he).

She knows that she can’t do the complete revamp of the entire website until after she finishes editing, but the idea of resturcturing has been driving her crazy, and I again brought up integrating my blog, so that when she is away for a few minutes fixing dinner, or taking a little break, I can pop on and post something without having to log her out of anything.

I am happy to say that we have completed the cut over of all of my posts from Blogger to Griffie World Happenings, and although Mama won’t let me post to the main blog page, she’s set me up with my own page that will have a tab at the top. I’m tired with all of the encouraging I’ve had to do. Plus, I had to keep Elsa from laying her head on the laptop, so have had to keep that little whip entertained so Mama could get everything set up right.

Oh, for those of you who are concerned that Mama is shirking the editing, you have nothing to worry about. Mama fights against doing the editing and then will sit down and have it done before you know it. In fact, by letting her get at least a couple of integration items out of the way, she’s feeling happier about the blog, and the traveling book site (check out the WITW is MMC tab at the top of the page)

All for now. Until next time. Paws Up!

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